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Qlimbing's uniquely designed ropes courses turn physical activity into a fun experience. They challenge flexibility, balance and strength in a thrill boosting way, while ensuring maximum safety in conjunction with several eurocode safety standards.

Our ropes courses offer a wide range of difficulty levels that appeal to both children and adults. The brand's attractions are appropriate for participants as young as five years of age.


Our ropes course models can be incorporated into a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. They can be suspended from the ceiling, self-standing or supported by columns.



An Architectural Masterpiece Inspired by Nature.

The Tree Course is the latest Walltopia ropes course developed to meet the need for a design that is memorable and attractive without losing the focus on ease of operation and efficiency in footprint and materials used.




• Modular design - easy vertical and horizontal expansion
• Single or Multilevel course
• Best multi-directional layout
• Great stand-alone attraction
• Highest guests to footprint ratio
• Theming possibilities



• Modular design - easy vertical and horizontal expansion
• Single or multilevel course
• Best linear layout
• Great stand-alone attraction
• High throughput
• Theming possibilities
• Easily suspended from ceiling


The Tree Course

• Futuristic design that makes it the anchor attraction
• Single or multilevel course layout to achieve high throughput
• Theming possibilities to better fit in an already existing venue
• Add-ons accommodation such as Rollglider or QuickFlight
• Viewing deck to increase the capacity

Design, engineering and manufacturing

Each and every ropes course is different – an experienced team of more than 40 designers and engineers create every single project from the ground up given the specific features of the available space. Our manufacturing process complies with all relevant European standards which ensures the highest quality of the final product.

Ropes Course Obstacles

Walltopia's ropes courses offer a wide range of obstacles that challenge different sets of physical and mental skills such as strength, balance, coordination and confidence. Aside from the elements shown below, there are countless other options available. These elements can be used as a basis for custom obstacles made according to individual preferences.





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