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Climbing towers for military training facilities



The military often needs specialized climbing facilities to train and maintain certain climbing skill levels. Walltopia manufactures climbing towers that are appropriate for the purpose.

The first military training facility built by Walltopia was launched in 2005 – a climbing tower made of weather-resistant panels for a law enforcement academy in Singapore. Today, Walltopia provides a wide variety of military training facilities in terms of climbing structures, vertical features and obstacles.

We partner with military academies, police, fire departments and mountain rescue teams to create facilities that meet the needs of their training programmes. Each facility is designed to achieve realistic, safe and cost effective mission focused training.

Climbing improves:

  • Fitness (strength, power, endurance and flexibility)

  • Balance and coordination

  • Use of technical equipment

  • Response and management of fear of height

  • Team work

  • Trust and confidence in team members

  • Safe operation and working at height

Walltopia’s climbing facilities are suitable for both individual and group training.


  • Year:2006

  • Country:Germany

  • City:Kaiserslautern

  • Area m²:570

  • Area feet²:6 135

  • Style:Rocktopia

  • Use:Military Training Facility

Project Details VEDC

  • Year:2013

  • Country:UAE

  • Area m²:857

  • Area feet²:9225

  • Style:Geome3x, 3D Curves, Rocktopia

  • Use:Military Training facility

Project Details ASSEN TOWER

  • Year:2010

  • Country:The Netherlands

  • Area m²:141

  • Area feet²:1517

  • Style:Rocktopia

  • Use:Military Training facility

  • Max. Height:20 m

  • Additional info:Military, police & fire department training facility. Exact location: classified.

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